Thursday, October 23, 2008

Women Turned On By Guys In Panties

My wife's best friend needed some work done at her home, so I stopped by to help out. While I was there, I went into her bedroom and tried on her panties. I got an erection, so I began to masturbate in her panties. Then she walked in. She became aroused, and we had sex for two hours. She gave me the panties to keep. Now, I swing by regularly to take care of her. She always makes me wear her panties while we have sex.

Women Like Men In Panties

It started when I was a kid. Why did my sister get to wear pretty colors and mine were plain, white jockeys? Then I discovered the feel of panties. I loved sliding my hand under my girlfriend’s jeans or up her skirt almost as much to feel her panties as to feel her. At times, I would stay home. Then after mom and dad went to work and my sister would leave for school, I would strip down and dress in my sister’s panties. Sometimes, I would wiggle into her long-leg panty girdle (stylish in the sixties), stockings and pumps. I could spend most of the day dressed like that. After leaving home, I always had a pair or two around the apartment and would on occasion wear them to bed. At age twenty, I met an older woman that basically used me as a plaything and would dress me in frilly panties and sometimes in garters and stockings. I loved it but fell for a girl of nineteen and quit seeing the older woman. We went our separate ways. I was married twice, but neither wife knew that I would wear their panties when they weren't around. Later, I told a long-term lover that I would love to wear her panties during sex. She played along but wasn't that excited about it. The same happened with a couple more lovers. Thirty years passed, and I am now married to that nineteen-year-old girl (now fifty), and she buys my panties for me. On occasion, she dresses me, adding thigh-highs and garters to my outfit. She knows I would love to be wearing stilettos while dressed up but says that might be too much. I love her for so many reasons and appreciate her for her playfulness.

Wearing Nylon Panties

I love wearing nylon panties! I have been wearing them since age eleven or so, when I stole my first pair. They are so soft and sexy. I love the way they make me feel when I move. I wear thigh-highs, baby dolls, and soft slips as well. I have over two hundred pairs of panties now in all styles. My favorite combination are nylon hip-huggers (any color), thigh-highs, and a half t-shirt. I wear this to bed or around the house all day. I love seeing and being in my soft nylon panties. Most of the time, I have multiple pair on. If you have never experienced the sexy soft feeling of panties and lingerie and the freedom it gives, you should try it. Be your own person and enjoy slipping on your soft nylon panties every day! I love my panties!

Crossdressing With Wife

I admit that shaving my legs and crotch and then sliding into silk panties and sexy, dark, silky pantyhose is the hottest thing a man can feel on the penis. My wife adores me in lingerie and loves to feel the silky sensations against her skin. Women have it all when it comes to the pleasures of the body, but now we men can join them. Try it guys. It’s a real turn on. I love it. I wish I could wear every day. It makes me feel very sexy and horny. My wife approves as I want to have sex all the time when I'm dressed.

Crossdressing Husband

I love to be seen in girl’s underwear. I very often wander around my home in bra and knickers. Lots of time I’ve been seen by my lovely adult stepdaughters when they visit. They enter the house quietly and surprise me. They even bring their friends to look. I love wearing lingerie twenty-four/seven. My family and female friends really love it. So do I. My wife thinks I look pretty good. I have lots of pictures of me in different lingerie, click my picture to check them out.